Corporate Philosophy

Mission = Meaning of Our Existence

“We provide visitors with memories of a fun trip.”

Vision = Our Goals

  • Develop and operate lodging facilities that will make customers want to stay even if they are expensive
  • Offer convenient services for guests who come to Japan
  • Create a stable business foundation to reach our corporate philosophy

Value = Importance That We Define

1, Earn with fun
In order to realize our philosophy, we need a system that allows us to continue management.
We believe that it is necessary to be a company that can make money while enjoying ourselves.
2, Quality priors to Quantity
We choose selling one high-margin product over small profits and quick return.
We pursue the quality of each and every service.
3, Pursuit of Customer Satisfaction
We provide services that exceed the level expected by our customers.
4, Legal Compliance
We will strictly comply with the law since this is a vacation rental (private lodging) market that is still quite primitive.
5, Diversity
We have staff and customers that have their own different values.
We respect diverse sense of values, while caring about sociality and rules.